Content Marketing for Ministries

Content Marketing for Ministries

Learn how to amplify the message of your Sermon across the Internet using multimedia and live broadcasting techniques.

We  teach Content Marketing for Ministries using online training programs.

By taking these Content Marketing programs, you’ll learn the skills and strategy needed to fully engage a congregation and a much wider audience.

Additionally, you’ll learn how your Sermon Series can be monetized to give your Ministry an enduring and growing revenue base.

Below is an outline of the three online training programs offered:

  • Learn how to Live Broadcast your Sermons using Google+
  • Learn how to Create a Membership Site to engage and build your audience, with the primary benefits of Membership being:
    • Emailed blog posts about engaging and informative topics
    • Free content that is generated over time
    • Emailed blog posts about engaging topics
    • Audio interviews & discussions
    • Special Reports (often developed by transcribing audio topic discussions)
    • Discount on sale of Ministry merchandise such as books, music and DVD’s
  • Effortlessly Create a Sunday Sermon Series that can Monetized:
    • You will learn how to create your Sermon Series using multiple formats being video, audio, and text.
    • Members that subscribe to your Sunday Sermon Series will receive it by email every Sunday morning.
    • Because the Sermons are presented in multiple formats, Members can enjoy and absorb your Sermons in a way that suits them.
    • Your Sunday Sermon Series is monetized through Subscription Fees that will provide an enduring and growing revenue stream to underpin your Ministries future.

Content Marketing for Ministries are training programs that have been developed by Mark Crosling and his team at Live Broadcast Inc who have extensive experience in content marketing, social media and live broadcasting.